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BCS Day 2017 To Be Observed With Community Interaction Programs

Saturday 25th of March 2017 ( 01:00:00 PM to 03:00:00 PM)

Bhutanese Community In Syracuse (BCS), Inc., has announced the details of its annual day celebrations for the third week of March 2017.

BCS has been observing the annual day in March every year coinciding with the month of the arrival of the first family in Syracuse in March 2008. It has been customary to mark the BCS day with the highlights of the current and future activities of the organization, among many. However, it has been learnt that this year’s event will be observed in a different way.

“BCS has a plan to holding an interaction program among the community members this year unlike previous years where we would engage in presentations and highlights of the organization”, said Pavitra Shapkota, vice-chairperson of BCS.

She further explained that the community members will be invited and BCS will be holding discussions and provide information in various topics like Health Care Services, Immigration, Legal Issues, Housing, Women’s Issues, and so on. According to Mrs. Sapkota, the community members can call BCS office, send messages through Facebook or email the questions and topics of their interests that could be discussed during the event.

BCS Day 2017 will be celebrated on March 25th, Saturday from 1pm to 3pm at the conference hall of Interfaith Works of CNY at 1010 James Street, Syracuse, NY 13203.

Any one willing to sponsor the event or make a donation can contact Kazi Gautam, Chairperson of BCS at 315-440-1666 or send an email at admin@cnybcs.org.

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bcs president I will come up with some plans and programs to build up a strong community. We need to work together exploring ways to working towards fulfilling our desire to help those in need along with distinctly identifying ourselves as Bhutanese-Nepalese.
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