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BCS: What Is Its Purpose?

Mission Statement: “To integrate into mainstream America whilst preserving our language, culture and heritage.”

Early 2008 is historical for the Bhutanese-Nepalis as it was the first phase of the refugee resettlement program in the USA and other western countries. People had mixed reaction-some wanted a safe repatriation while some were excited to get resettled to start their lives afresh.

The ethnic Nepalese of Bhutan were evicted in the early 1990s as a direct result of ethnic cleansing policies initiated by the fourth King of Bhutan. The first arrivals in Syracuse from the refugee camps in Nepal were in March 2008. Currently, there are around 2800 Bhutanese-Nepalis residing in Onondaga County. They have been accepted in Syracuse as a part of refugee resettlement program offered by United States of America.

The feeling of the importance of coming together as a community organization was harbored in the minds of only a select few refugees in the early phase of resettlement. Because there was no clear information on how many people will be relocated in Syracuse, the need of the community was not seriously felt. However, the concept was floated by some young folks in the informal gatherings of the people at the Rosewood Cemetery Park. It was apprehended that down the road, there will be a need of some entity to work for the preservation of language and culture, help newly resettled refugees get assimilated in convenient ways, and advocate for the needs and wants of the refugees. Thus, the root of the formation of BCS comes from those gatherings at the park to welcome new arrivals. Slowly, it was realized the need of an hour was to help one another especially those less literate in English, and those who have experienced language and cultural barriers. Thus, a few community volunteers came forward to establish Bhutanese Community In Syracuse (BCS), Inc. in mid-2008 with a mission of preserving the Bhutanese-Nepalese identity, culture, language and faith. Ever since, BCS has been serving the community not only by assisting its members address their issues but also by engaging in various community based activities. Currently, BCS as a not-for-profit Corporation has been helping community members by teaching them basic English and preparing them for citizenship tests, teaching Nepali language to the younger generation, helping community folks access civic amenities by helping different types of paperwork, career guidance and college preparation for youths, among many.

There are many unseen and unspoken problems that have been faced by the community members off and on. People have been the victims of assaults, burglary, robbery, theft, sexual harassments, and many. Our priority is to help our folks be safe and secure, and have an easy and successful integration. Hence, BCS has been trying to explore different hidden issues within the community, bring them to the attention of concerned authorities so as to get those addressed in a timely fashion.

For the information of all concerned, BCS held its first general elections of its Board of Directors on November 01, 2015. The following enlists the members in the current Board of Directors.

Chairperson-Mr. Kazi Gautam
Vice-Chairperson-Ms. Pavitra Sapkota
Treasurer-Mr. Sajan Nepal
Director-Education Department-Mr. Dadhi Dahal
Director-Women & Children Department-Ms. Kiran Gautam
Director-Social Service & Elders Department-Mr. Parsu Dhimal
Director-Religion & Culture Department-Mr. Ajaya Sapkota
Director-Games & Sports Department-Mr. Yuva R Bhattarai

bcs president

Voice Of the Chairman

bcs president I will come up with some plans and programs to build up a strong community. We need to work together exploring ways to working towards fulfilling our desire to help those in need along with distinctly identifying ourselves as Bhutanese-Nepalese.
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Bhutanese Community In Syracuse
710 Kirkpatrick St.
Syracuse, New York 13208
United States of America
Contact : 315-399-5398
Email : admin@cnybcs.org