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BCS To Resume Nepali Class

January 31, 2017

Bhutanese Community in Syracuse (BCS), Inc. will resume the Nepali class in the first week of February 2017.

According to the statement issued by the education wing of BCS, the Nepali classes were suspended temporarily for few months. The classes will be offered for free to the community members especially to the students of elementary level.

“Although there is a big demand of Nepali class, and even the high school students want to enroll, we can only accommodate the younger ones at this time. However, we may be able to teach other interested ones if we get few volunteer teachers,” reads the statement adding that BCS is very excited to resume the class.

Dadi Dahal who is the head of the education wing of BCS notified that an experience that he had with the students of two previous sessions was simply awesome. The children were always willing to learn more in Nepali and they would always complete the home assignments on time. The teachers were supportive and willing to provide an extra help to the students.

The class will run every Saturday afternoon for two hours. The first day of class will be on February 4. On the first day, the registration will be completed and the students will be asked to take a simple oral or written test. Following the registration and the test, the students will be divided into different levels per their performances.

It is the first come first serve class. So, the parents are encouraged to contact BCS as soon as possible to give the names of their children if they want to enroll their children. Otherwise, they may not be taken in.

The Nepali class will continue for one year. The graduation date will be announced towards the end of the year.

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