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Community Pilgrimage To NJ Applauded by Many

October 6, 2016

Bhutanese Community In Syracuse (BCS) organized for its community members a one day trip to BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in New Jersey in the third week of September 2016.

According to Ajaya Sapkota, Director of Religion and Culture, this trip was organized especially for the elderly people that have been confined in their residence and would not have been able to visit the temple otherwise.

“Along with the elderly people, we also had equal number of young participants as well. Every one seemed excited and happy”, said Mr. Sapkota adding BCS will organize many such programs in future if the community members show willingness.

Mr. Shapkota further explained that each person was charged a nominal fee to offset the transportation related expenses.

NJ Mandir Visit

NJ Mandir Visit

“This is one of the unique events being organized by BCS. I was very happy to visit the temple. I would not have been able to go there myself with that amount of money I paid. I wish more such trips were arranged for elderly people like me”, added Man B Wagley that he would be the first one to join any such program in future.

There were eight vehicles driven by the BCS volunteers. Altogether 70 people participated in the pilgrimage. The pilgrimage started at 0830 am from the office of BCS. The pilgrims were back to Syracuse around 0930 pm. The current and former Board of Directors of BCS joined the trip as well.

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