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Need to know

You are at the Hancock  International  Airport where you have a chance to meet personally for the first time your Case Manager (CM). Be it early in the morning or late night, your CM will be meeting you there. Then you are in your apartment or if not, in your relative’s apartment for sometimes.The first thing your CM usually does after you are at your apartment  is to hand over to each of you $10. Interestingly, you are supposed to have at least $10 upon your arrival to the USA.  What follows next will be a series of appointments at different places that is your formal beginning to live the American life.You will be taken to Refugee Assistance Program (RAP) usually as the first appointment for the refugee intake. At RAP, you will later get enrolled in the English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, computer classes, and also RAP will help you get connected to the health care facilities. So, the intake at RAP is very important for the newly arrived refugees.The next step will be your appointment with the representative of Department of Social Service (DSS) where you will apply for Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) also known as Food Stamp, and the government sponsored health insurance known as Medicaid. Some families will be enrolled in the Public Assistance (PA). There are some factors that determine if the family will be enrolled in PA or Match Grant. This will be discussed separately.The EBT will be given in the form of card that looks like a bank card. The same card will also work as the Medicaid card. Later, after a month, people need to chose any one of four Medicaid Managed Care Plans that will pay the doctors’ visits and other health related costs.

After DSS appointment, you will be taken to Social Security office to apply  Social Security card. Once the SSC arrives, you will be scheduled at Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) to apply State Identification Card.

In between, you will be scheduled at the Tuberculosis (TB) clinic at RAP. TB Clinics are conducted by the Department of Health (DOH). After TB screenings are completed, DOH will start you at TB medications, if needed for free.

After TB screenings, you will be scheduled either at University Health Care Center (UHCC) or Industrial Medical Associates (IMA) for health intake before you are connected to the Primary Care Providers (PCP). The intake will be done within ninety days of your arrival to the USA. SO, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU TALK TO YOUR CM IF YOU ARE NEARING TOWARDS NINETY DAYS PERIOD AND STILL YOU DID NOT HAVE  HEALTH INTAKE. 

Until the health intake, you should seek help from your CM or from your receiving agency if you feel sick or have any medical emergency. After the intake, RAP will be helping you for all hospital appointments  for a year. Sometimes, you will be provided help by RAP beyond one year period also depending upon your case. RAP will help you by providing  interpretation at the health care facilities and transportation to and from those places.

You should not hesitate to ask as many questions that may come to your mind. Remember, THE ONLY STUPID QUESTION IS THE ONE THAT IS NOT ASKED. Also, you should not forget that your CM is a very busy person; and s/he has other people to take care of as well.

Importantly, do not forget to ask him/her, often:

1. When will you take me to DMV?
2. When shall l have refugee health intake?
3. What about my child/children’s school admission?
4. When shall I be starting ESL classes?
5. What should I do if I am running out of medications that I have been taking regularly, before I have my health intake?
6. What can I do in order to help you help me and other refugees?

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Voice Of the Chairman

bcs president I will come up with some plans and programs to build up a strong community. We need to work together exploring ways to working towards fulfilling our desire to help those in need along with distinctly identifying ourselves as Bhutanese-Nepalese.
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