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Plans And Programs

January 17, 2016

Bhutanese Community In Syracuse (BCS) Inc., has been formed with a motto “Let’s Bridge A Gap”. With the commitment of helping the community members for an easy assimilation, the volunteers within the community have been engaged for years to carry out following activities.


1 ESL and Naturalization Test Preparation Class

BCS has been running the ESL and Citizenship Classes since 2009. At the beginning, people were taught at the space provided by Catholic Charities, Interfaith Works and Syracuse City School District. These days, BCS has been giving the classes at its own rented space at Kirkpatrick Street. The community volunteers teach mostly the elderly people every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4pm for two hours.

2 Nepali Language class for young children

One of the most important activities of BCS is the Nepali Language class that has begun a year ago. The children between the ages of 4 and 13 gather at the BCS center every Sunday from 9am until 11am. They are being taught by the certified Nepali teachers who have formal education, trainings and experiences as Nepali teachers for many years. Nepali classes for 2016 have been supported by a grant award of Syracuse City School District.

3 Sanskrit Class

BCS has also initiated the Sanskrit Language class for the interested community members. The Sanskrit class that began on January 09, 2016 will run every Saturday from 9am for two hours at the BCS center.

4 Skill Development for Women

One of the most important current activities of BCS is the tailoring, cushion making and painting classes that have begun on January 08 this year. In the first phase of the training, twenty five women will participate. The training that will continue for six months every Friday evening has been supported by Rotary Club of Syracuse.

5 Problem Solving

The community members stop by at the BCS center as and when needed to get help with completing paperwork or making calls to different places. The community volunteers assist the members apply for government assistance, make and change doctor’s appointments, and fill out different types of applications, among many.

6 Youth Games & Sports

BCS has a soccer team that has been taking part in different games throughout the United States. Besides, the youths also have a cricket team, and they gather to play volleyball as well.


1 Elderly Programs

BCS will be starting programs targeted to the elderly people of the community. The first one will be a grand-parent and grand-children get together that is expected to run at least twice a week. This will definitely bridge the gap between the elderly folks and the youngsters. Additionally, this togetherness with their grand-children will ease their pains and bring them out of their isolation thus giving them new energy.

2 Health Awareness Programs

BCS has been planning for a long to put together an ongoing health awareness classes at least once a week. This will not only help the community members realize the importance of taking care of their health, they will also get a chance to learn about the healthy living and prepare for the initial visit with their primary provider with a set of logical questions. The health care professionals within the community will be conducting the classes.

bcs president

Voice Of the Chairman

bcs president As the BCS president, my priorities are to strengthen the community by bringing intellectuals and expertise from all ages and gender, creating platform for folks of younger generation to empower themselves, and working with females members of...
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