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Voice Of A Chairman

November 3, 2015

While the birth of Bhutanese Community in Syracuse (BCS) attributes to those welcome gatherings at the Rosewood Cemetery Park, the fostering of the agency certainly associates to the committed team of the last seven years.

I have been wondering how I can contribute further to give a continuity to fulfill a mission of this not-for-profit organization. In early 2008 when series of meetings were held to give a shape to BCS, the main objective was to preserve our identity. Although there may be difference in the way we execute our plans and program than we did before, our goal should be still the same.

As a community organization, our focus should also be on the activities that make a direct impact to the lives of the community members. Whenever any one has any issue that he/she cannot deal with individually, there should be their own place to get a help from. BCS community center will welcome any individual in need of help. We will work per our capacity to solve any and all issues of our folks.

The fact is BCS has been crippled financially. This team will also make every effort to uplift the economic status of BCS. We will be working closely with other ECBOs and get their ideas and suggestions to bring this agency to the next level.

We will have numerous opportunities for the community participation at large. While we have a plan to introduce new programs for elders, women and children, and invite the community members for participation, our ongoing activities like English and citizenship test preparation class, and Nepali language class will run continuously.

Let’s work together and leave something for our upcoming generation. I will facilitate but you need to come forward to make the difference.

4 comments on “Voice Of A Chairman

  1. Hari Bangaley Adhikari says:

    There was a voice for change – vocal ? agrssive? and or silent and ofcourse unspoken like a dream. I know you have sensed it very well. Every sector is looking forward to see what different you may come up with. Personally, I believe in team work and further foresee that there will be a good team if you have a comprehensive work plan for all those who can contribute as strong back up. Longin your plan and trust on your leadership.

  2. Praja Sapkota says:

    BCS is now in the hands of the youth. Anyone below 40yrs is a youth and hence my congratulations to a young and enterprising Chairman. You stand in the middle of the young and older generations and in a position to stitch the community fabric together more securely. The task ahead is full of challenges and working as team can surely move BCS ahead.
    I propose some changes to the website also. Please have few more headings:
    (i) OUR SPONSORS (need to acknowledge external sponsors/grant agencies)
    (ii) ACTIVITIES (not hidden in news and events)
    (iii) ARCHIVES
    (iv) OUR MEMBERS (can be under ABOUT US)
    (v) OBITUARY (let each family write a paragraph about the those who passed away in Syracuse and we add with a picture)

    All the best to the New BCS Team.

  3. Thakur bhattarai says:

    All the best kazi sir. Hope you will definitly reach the goal. We will be there for you and BCS. Thanks for seniors who had contributed a lot for BCS. I hope all our seniors will be the back up for our new team.

  4. regena gurung says:

    my respect and love for our nepali bhutanese

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bcs president

Voice Of the Chairman

bcs president I will come up with some plans and programs to build up a strong community. We need to work together exploring ways to working towards fulfilling our desire to help those in need along with distinctly identifying ourselves as Bhutanese-Nepalese.
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