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Voting Education and Cancer Awareness Conclude Successfully

October 26, 2016

The Bhutanese Community In Syracuse (BCS), Inc. organized a get together for its community members with the intention of educating them on the voting procedure in the upcoming presidential election on November 8th.

The event entitled “Let’s Vote This Year” was organized at the office of BCS on October 22 at 2pm. According to the BCS board of directors, around thirty five new Americans took part in the discussion. The event was very successful as the participants got chance to learn ins and outs of the voting.

Dustin Czarny, one of the commissioners of the election from Onondaga County Board Of Elections gave the overview of the voting system in New York.


Shiva Adhikari who will be voting for the first time in the US election found the interaction program very useful.

“I had not known what the ballot would look like. Now, I know what the ballot looks like, how to cast a vote in a correct way and what to expect on the voting day. I can even bring someone with me if I have a language issue”, says Mr. Adhikari who is one of the new Americans that never went to school in Bhutan but learnt English, Civics and the US History at the BCS center and got through the naturalization test at the first place.


Coinciding with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month-October, BCS also did a small presentation on the Breast Cancer immediately after the voting awareness session. Bikash Regmi, a registered nurse with an experience of working at the oncology department highlighted the importance of early mammogram for the diagnosis of breast cancer, explanation of a chemotherapy and other breast cancer related topics among many.


Dr. Kamal Gautam who was supposed to be one of the presenters could not make it to the event due to the conflict in his schedule in the last minute.

“I think we need to organize many such events for our community members. I have found that the education is needed in other areas of health like diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary and overall personal hygiene”, added Mr. Regmi that the participants were surprised to hear that even the males could have the breast cancer.

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