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Keeping The Culture Alive

December 8, 2015

Have you been to Wat Lao Samakhitam Temple in Binghamton, NY or New Hope Farm in Homer, NY? Well, I have. Let me tell you about my trip.

First, my mom woke me up when I had the best dream. Then, she told me to go back to bed.I could not go back to sleep. So, I just went with my dad.

Next, we had to go to my dad’s office because we had to sign up to have sign in sheet in cars. It took so long to get ready. The people who work there had trouble finding seats for people. We had an extra seat. So, it would be easy for me to sleep if I had to.

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Remembering Nepal’s Quake

June 10, 2015

At midnight on April 25th, a new day had just begun full of hope and enthusiasm for another wonderful day in my life for doing good works. I might have slept for couple more hours but then I heard the buzzing of my landline phone, my cell phone and social media alerts waking me up to terrifying pictures. “Oh God,” my mind started racing, my heart beat accelerated and my eyes filled with tears. I made phone calls to my friends and relatives in Kathmandu but there was no connection; they could not be reached. The tiny nation of Nepal, located between the two giant nations of China and India had been rocked by a large earthquake.

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नबिर्सिकन सम्झदा

June 6, 2015

भुटानको चिराङ्ग जिल्ला अन्तर्गत लब्सिबोटे गाउँको ब्लक गोसेलिंगमा बिक्रम सम्बत २००९ साल को पौष १० गते तदनुसार अंग्रेजी महिनाको दिसम्बर २५ तारीख १९५३ सालमा जन्मनु भएका जेबी नेपाल हाल अमेरिका को न्युयोर्क राज्यको सिराकुस सहर स्थीत पार्क स्ट्रीटमा आफ्नो सपरिवार सहित बसोबास गर्नु हुन्छ।

मैले वहाँको नाम धेरै अगाडी सुनेको थिए। म त्यस समयमा बिध्यार्थी थिएँ। वहांको खेल अबलोकन गर्ने मौका पनि पाएको थिएँ। तर वहाँ संगको साक्षत्कार भने सिराकुस मा मात्रै भयो। म आंफै फूटबल खेलमा रुची राख्ने भएकाले वहाँ संगको भलाकुसारी ज्ञान बर्दक र रोचक थियो।


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परिश्रमले मानिसलाई महान बनाउछI

October 30, 2013

उन्नाइसौ सताब्दी भित्र को कुरा हून सक्छ, संसारले सभ्यता र बिकाशको ध्वनि जन्माउन पश्चिम दिशा तर्फ पूर्ण जमर्को भै रहेको थियो आफ्ना आफ्ना खोज र अनुसन्धान को मार्गमा श्रीजनाको आधुनिक जोशहरु असत्यका सैयौ किटाणु सरि छटपटाइ रहेका थिएI सबै कुराको श्रीजनाको कुरा चलि रहेका थिएI

आफ्ना आफ्ना लक्ष्यको खोजीमा जसरी साधुहरु आफ्नो कूटीको मुल्यांकन गर्छन, त्यसरी नै बैज्ञानिकहरु पनि विज्ञानको मार्गमा प्रवेश गर्ने जमर्को गरिरहेका थिएIपूर्बी संसारको कुरा हो आज बहिरो र अन्धो पनि चर्चित हुने कुरा छI जाहा कि हामि ब्राजिल भन्ने एउटा देश सम्झन्छौ त वास्तबमा के हून जान्छ भने मानवीय संसारमा मानिस हरुले के कस्तो जिन्दगी चाहन्छन र वास्तबमा के हून जान्छI

मानवीय संसारमा चाहिने कुरा हरु मध्ये खेलकूद एउटा वास्तविक बिषय हून जादा मलाई गौरब महसुस हुन्छ. ब्राजिल को कुरा हो, धेरै मानिस हरु संसार मा आए पश्चात एउटा गरिब कोखमा एउटा महान व्यक्ति-पेले को जन्म भयोI यसरी दुखि परिवारमा जन्म भएको हुदा उनले सानै देखि दुख-कस्ट संघ अँगालो मार्दै आएI तेसो हूना ले गर्दा उनले आफ्नो जीवन गुजार्नका लागि सानै उमेर देखि अर्काको दूध बोक्ने ग्वाला को काम गर्थेIयसरी महान बिचार र अनुभव भएका सन्तान ले सधै दूध बोकेर जादा एउटा झत्ताको गोल खेलाउदै हिंड्ने गर्थेIउनको लक्ष्यनै खेलिरहने-गोल भए सबै कुरा भूल्थ्येI

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From Bhutan To The USA

October 29, 2013

In the early days, our ancestors lived in a hilly region of Nepal. After many years they migrated to Bhutan, which is a small kingdom that is located between China and India. China is in the northern part and India is in the southern part of Asia. They lived in Bhutan for many years, approximately three to four generations, from the 17th century.

In 1980s, the Bhutan government told the people from Southern Bhutan that they were illegal immigrants, because their ancestors were from Nepal, and they spoke Nepali language, and followed Hinduism. Their culture and religion did not resemble the culture and the religion of the majority of people in Bhutan. Since Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom, the people living in Bhutan had to follow Buddhism at any cost. So to follow any other culture or religion meant to go against the laws, and the will of the king. They were not allowed to perform any of their social and religious activities in Bhutan, and this made their lives difficult in Bhutan. So they started to raise their voice and protested against the laws. The people who took part in these activities were arrested and were put in prison. These people, their families and even their relatives were declared anti-nationals. Finally, they were forced to leave the country and take refuge in Nepal.

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Who Are We, Really?

October 11, 2013

We,human beings,the most intelligent creatures in the planet have never stopped wondering, who are we? We have always asked this question but we never found a definitive answer. Perhaps, because of this, we find each other so fascinating and intriguing. If we could totally define ourselves, what would it be like?

There are a plenty of ways to look at ourselves and define who we are: genetically, physiologically, in terms of knowledge acquired or status we have in the society. We sure come in many shades and colors and it quite difficult to come in terms with it. But are we, like most of us think, different?

In the ancient texts, it is told that we are made out of 5 major-elements: Air, water, earth, fire and ether. It goes on to say that the whole of universe is also made of up the combination of these 5 elements. But how true is this claim? We certainly do not mix with water when we swim or disappear into the air when a strong wind blows our way. So how come?

Perhaps, to find an answer to this we should look at the process of how plants are grown in our fields or how a small seed becomes a big tree. Its simple actually. We start by putting a seed into the soil and regularly watering it and at intervals adding manures and nutrients. Over time, it grows into a mature, fine tree. Then it starts bearing fruits and food for us, producing more seeds from which we can grow plenty others. Its a common practice and everyone is aware of it. But, what do we see when we look at this process carefully? This one seed that became a huge tree, what happened to it? Did it just get bigger by some sort of a miracle or was there some underlying truth behind it.

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Essence of Bhagwad Gita

September 24, 2013

As we are all aware, Bhagwad Gita is one of the most read scriptures of Sanatan Dharma. It is the conversation that takes place between Lord Krishna and Arjun in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. It is one of the chapters in the book Mahabharat, which is considered one of the most well-written books of the ancient times.

Mahabharat is not unknown to us. Most of us have watched it on TV, many have read its translated version in Nepali or Hindi, and some have read it in Sanskrit. So, it is not improper to assume that you all know why there was the need for Lord Krishna to sing the Bhagwad Gita to Arjun before a great war could begin between Kauravs and Pandavs.

But, what is the purpose of writing a great epic that contains Bhagwad Gita? Is it merely for entertainment? Or does it have a very practical use in our lives, even today, after more than 5,000 years since its occurrence? If you carefully read the Bhagwad Gita, you soon start to realize that it is not difficult for us to relate to it. But it takes a little bit of thinking to understand it in terms of our daily lives; how and where it can find its significance.

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God And Religion

September 8, 2013

In this write up I make an attempt to explain what religion and God really are. I will highlight the importance of both and try to explain why it is still necessary, in the 21st century to be attached to God.

Firstly, let me state that like any other ideas that have ever existed, there is always a tendency for it to be misinterpreted and exaggerated or used for the favor of a select group of people. In those terms, concepts of religion and God is no exception.

Seeing the current depletion in belief towards established religion and God as a whole, it is only natural for me to think that there are more atheists in the world than were ever before. Atheists, to me encompass not just those who do not believe in God but also those who wrongly believe in Him

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An Inspiration

May 23, 2013

An inspiration is a splendid thing in life. People get inspired to draw, make music, make monuments, and what not. I get inspired to move further in life, work with my best abilities, entertain hardships with a smile and remember the good old times and laugh at myself.

For about a year without anything to inspire, I walked a plain path. I progressed, I moved but I was not moved by anything. A small glimpse of hope made me look forward to this new land, though not that alone but feeling all alone. Faced it, head on. I had skills. I had the talent to make a difference. But no one listened. No one cared. And the small hope I had diminished and my dreams shattered before my eye. But then I got an inspiration. “What was that inspiration?” you say?

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April 30, 2013

Bhutan was a land of peaceful dragon till the eve of 1980s, but soon the sinister design began in the name of Bhutanization which brought turmoil in the kingdom. The new policy so called Bhutanization was implemented to the southerners, the Nepali speaking Bhutanese which deprived and virtually confiscated the citizenship rights. When this inequality took place, the government was appealed for the restoration of rights, but this was taken negatively and the government started to arrest, torture, and kill the innocent people in order to accomplish the success of the crafty plan. Thus fearing for their lives, the people had absconded from their birthplace and are/were compelled to stay more than two decades as refugees in Nepal. A host of attempts were made for repatriation, but failed and finally we landed here in USA which virtually means You Start Again. Thus, in the land of freedom we have to establish our base to achieve success in the days to come striving and challenging the difficulties that are blocking our way. In fact the life of our parents and seniors citizens is not easy as one thinks because of language problem, but for the school goers it is in their hands to make or mar it.
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bcs president I will come up with some plans and programs to build up a strong community. We need to work together exploring ways to working towards fulfilling our desire to help those in need along with distinctly identifying ourselves as Bhutanese-Nepalese.
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